An Incredible Combination of Viscera and Intellect

Nigel Blair. Rochester, NY
Short, dark, and moderately handsome. Humbly pretentious and corny. I have a genuine love for, music, movies, art, fashion, discussion, other things, but most importantly you. ;) <3
Hopefully when I talk to people they leave me feeling better than they arrived. I try to be interesting to varying degrees of success.

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Turnstile // The Things You Do 

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Heartbreaking Moments: 6/7 ~ The Iron Giant Sacrificing Himself (The Iron Giant)

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every episode of snkto you, in 2000 years - the fall of shiganshina, part 2 (s01e02)
"i’ll exterminate every last one of them."

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what is the opposite of the following sentence:

I am a happy boy that loves daytime.

I am a sad boy that loves yung lean